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For a crystal figurine or elegant piece of crystal jewelry to truly show off crystal’s perfect brilliance, the inner purity and consistency of crystal is critical. The absence of minute bubbles, streaks and all inner defects distinguishes truly fine crystal. This high level of perfection is one of the hallmarks of Preciosa. You will not find a more perfect piece of crystal than that made by Preciosa - The Master of Crystal.


Precision Cutting and Polishing
The excellent optical properties of crystal are enhanced by precision cutting and polishing to bring out the material’s natural brilliance, sparkle and purity. With it´s own proprietary technology Preciosa Crystal has perfected the art of crystal cutting over the centuries to achieve one of the highest quality cut crystal products available on the market today.

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Who is Preciosa Crystal
Bohemian Crystal from the Czech Republic - Preciosa Crystal is a world leading producer of cut bohemia crystal, specializing mainly in the production of machine cut chatons, beads, stones and other fashion jewelry components of top quality and in a broad variety of shapes, colors and sizes.   Learn more about Preciosa highest quality Czech Crystal

Why Choose Preciosa Crystal
Here is 18 reasons why many people have already found that Preciosa crystal is the ideal choose when buying quality high end crystal.  Read the reasons why to make Preciosa your Crystal of choice.

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