Reasons Why I Choose to Give a Gift of Crystal

It Boss’s Day and your boss is someone who deserves a special Thank You, a special gift. The perfect solution is a gift of Crystal because you feel lucky to have that kind of boss.
Your special someone has been there for you through thick and thin, you know an extra special present is just what you need to show how much you care and to say I Love You. What kind of gift can convey such passion – crystal!

What exactly is it about this precious glass that brings a smile to the face of its recipient?

Quality…… It shows in every facet, every meticulous detail. The craftsmanship and dedication it took to create each special piece.

Art…. Every piece itself is a work of art. Not everyone can look at a Picasso and say they like it or they even understand it but crystal art has a meaning to everyone. It can bring back memories and create new ones. It gives you the ability to express yourself and show your love for your favorite animal like a Crystal Weiner Dog Figurine for example.

Conversation piece…. Crystal, it is a statement. When you walked into your friends’ home and see her lovely curio cabinet filled with sparkling crystal sculptures of figurines and collectible keepsakes you have to ask her about them. She tells you that since she was a child, castles have had a special meaning, and as you listen you can understand why they can be so enchanting.

Family togetherness……. Every Christmas it’s a tradition that we decorate the tree as a family, with even the youngest member helping to put our Crystal Ornaments on the tree. The older siblings set the table with our fine glassware and crystal candle holders.

Remembering Loved Ones…. When I think of my grandmother I can’t help but remember how much she enjoyed her rose garden. Everyday she had fresh roses on her sideboard next to the dining room table. In our home we have similar flowers but ours are made of crystal, like the Red Crystal Rose in Vase that keeps those cherished memories of grandma with us each and everyday.

Collectibles…. A sense of appreciation comes with collecting crystal figurines. Appreciation for a fine art, beauty etched within glass. Collecting crystal is something that can be enjoyed by the young as well as the old for years to come. Crystal gives your home the warmth of sunshine.

Awareness of a Power, …. It has been documented that crystals are programmable and can absorb and store energy. This is one reason why crystals are so good at supporting healing. Crystals are used to heal many diseases and afflictions; it is wise to check out their power.

Serenity…. Crystals have such a lovely essence about them, emitting a calm and peaceful feeling. Gazing at them can be mesmerizing and can relieve you of stress.

So when you’re racking your brain trying to come up with a great present to give, think Crystal, it is a gift worth so much more than its cost!

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