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Customer Testimonials

Hi Frank!
I personally want to thank you for all you've done for me and offering the best customer service I've ever experienced and probably ever will in my whole life. You're just as important as the crystal itself because of your superior customer service. Like Preciosa with high quality that exists, there are a few like yourself who are high quality as well. I can remember as a kid when everything was made well and everyone portrayed great customer service skills, but they are few and far between.

Thanks again,
Platte City, MO

A beautiful work of art!!! So precised and sparkling with light and colors. I've been looking for this particular Preciosa Crystal piece for past 5 years and wasn't able to find it not even in Prague. Thanks again for your great and prompt service. I am sure I'll contact you again in future.

Mirka J.
Palmate, CA

luving the service..Have a great day ...

Tom A.
Palmdale, CA

Hi Frank,
I just wanted to let you know that we received the donkey and it's perfect. Thanks so much for getting to us quickly. I appreciate all your help.

Thank so much,
Katherine M.
Taunton, MA

The crystal heart and chain is beautiful! I am going to wear it to a football homecoming game this Friday night. School colors are blue and white....

Katherine K.
Mesquite, TX

Dear Mr. Smodic,
Thank you for your prompt reply. I checked with my granddaughter, and yes, the castle was received. You have made a young girl very happy with your product.

Thank you very much.
Kelly O.
Windber, PA

Hi Frank,
THANKS so much for your help with the dragon order. I enjoyed talking with you and appreciate your help!

Austin, TX

Hi Frank,
Just a quick note of thanks & appreciation for being so "on top" of things. The owl arrived last week after I came home & it's perfect!! I will not hesitate to order any crystal from you in the future.

Again, thanks very much.
Sue K.
Huntley, IL

Hi Frank,
I just received the package and it is gorgeous! I am very happy with both of my orders from you. Thank you very much and I hope to order from you again!

Have a great weekend.

Thank you
Wood Dale, IL

As always, the selection at All Things Crystal is fabulous and the service is wonderful. However, something that I have received from your organization which is very unique is a personal touch. I feel as though my business is not only appreciated, but that you care about your customers..
Please pass this on to Frank: Your note on my packing slip for the above referenced order was much appreciated. No thanks are necessary for being a loyal customer! It is definitely my pleasure.

Thank you again and God bless.
Mary M.
Austin, TX

I am a relatively new customer at All Things Crystal, but I wanted to tell you how very much I enjoy your products and your service. It has been a sincere pleasure doing business with your company and I look forward to many more orders in the very near future. It is wonderful to deal with a company who genuinely cares about their products and customers.

Thank you, again.
Mary M.
Austin, TX

Thank you so much for your special attention to my recent purchase. The customer service at all things Crystal was the best I have ever received with an on-line purchase I received the 2 elephant figurines and they are beautiful!.

I will make all of my future purchases through your site!

Thanks again!
West Babylon, NY

Dear Frank,
Just a short note to thank you for an excellent service. The little crystal mouse was well received by Leo in North Carolina.

Have a jolly Holiday Season!
Columbus, SC

Hi Frank,
Thank you for getting my order to Arkansas for my mom-in-law birthday. She cried when she saw the beautiful crystal butterfly, and that was the response we were looking for:0)

Thank you for the great customer service!
Anchorage, AK

Thanks so much for your fast shipment and great customer service. The crystal looks great!

Thanks again. Happy Holidays to you,
Deerfield, IL

Recieved the goblets today . . . all was perfect . . . thanks so much . . . they look beautiful on my table!

Happiest Holidays,

Hi Frank,
I received the replacement rose and it looked great. Thanks so much for the great customer service and for handling that issue so quickly.

Waukesha, WI

Received - they are fabulous -- thank you!!!!

Horrodsburg, KY

Mr Smodic,
Thank you so much for my wonderful order. The Crystal Rose in Vase is even more beautiful "in person" than it was on the website and your turn around time is incredible!
I will definitely be ordering more items in the future.

Thank you again,
Austin, TX

Thank you so much for such wonderful service. This is the first time that I have ordered from All Things Crystal, but it certainly will NOT be the last time.

Austin, TX

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with these Milano champagne flutes, which just arrived. In 1997, I bought 8 of these flutes in a store in Washington, DC. Those eight were usually enough as that's about as many guests as I'd invite, but a guest broke one about 3 years ago, and that meant we couldn't quite do it right for a celebration. I still had the receipt and called the store, but they no longer carried the glasses. I gave up completely, but my daughter did an internet search several months (based on zero information) and found them at your site. I wasn't sure they were the same, but I'd check in every now and then and once, when I called, someone there told me you expected to have more in August. And voila! I checked in August and there they were, and I ordered them before you could run out.

They are exactly the same as the ones I bought 13 years ago, and remarkably, slightly less expensive than they were then.
I'm thrilled and am thinking about inviting 11 people over for champagne just to celebrate the glasses.

Thanks so much,
Bainbridge Island, WA

Thank you!! I'm recommending you to all my friends!


Thanks so much for personally getting in touch with me concerning my order. Such a quick response via phone from customer service is certainly a pleasant surprise.

Have a great afternoon,
Miami, FL

Dear Frank,
All three pieces arrived perfect and on time.
THANK YOU for your assistance.

Miami, FL

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the quick turnaround on the crystal flower I ordered yesterday.

Thanks again.
Dublin, PA

Mr Smodic,
Just wanted to thank for being so kind and considerate to me. It is so much appreciated and to also let you know that Fed-Ex came by about an hour ago to pick up the box that I had with the wrong crystal in it. So it is on its way back to you.
Thank you again..Thank god there are still people in the world like you..I will be ordering from you again.

My Very Best To You
Kennewick, WA

Hi Frank,
Received the Bear’s Brother Band Figurine with thanks. It’s beautiful. Thank u so much. My friend's gonna be delighted to receive this.


Dear Frank,
I received the cordial glasses and decanter in the Georgia pattern and am very happy with them. They are really exquisite and have a sort of sophistication about them both in design and the light amber color. The fairly thick stem is a plus making them easy to handle without fear of cracking. These are for a Christmas gift but when I saw them I I decided I needed a present for myself so I ordered the Georgia wine glasses. These are beautiful and great for either personal use or gift giving.

Thank you,
Fort Lee, NJ

Dear Frank,
Thank You so much!! My Mom received her Birthday gift of 4 red stem wine glasses on the evening of her Birthday!! She called when they arrived (I had to work) and said she loves them! I really do appreciate you coming thru for me. I will definitely be back for business and will highly recommend you to others.

Cleves, OH

Dear AllThingsCrystal,
I purchased a mouse figurine for my collector of mice sister n' law's Birthday. She was thrilled with it and I wanted to say thanks for making me look good. You have wonderful items and I definitely will return.

Yours with thanks,
Newport News, VA

Dear Frank,
My wife and I found online exactly the Crystal Guardian Angels we wanted as an anniversary gift for a special couple. I called you because we also wanted appropriate-sized mirrors to place under the crystal angels.
This combination would lead to beautiful, colorful reflections floating on the walls and ceiling when exposed to direct sunlight.
You called back to inform me that you could obtain the mirrors from another location. You also recommended the appropriate size for the mirrors.
On the morning of the anniversary celebration, we informed the couple that our gift was "in the mail" and would be given to them sometime later. However, my wife and I were happily surprised when your "All Things Crystal" package unexpectedly arrived in time for the angels and mirrors to be presented at the party, much to the pleasure of the couple and other guests.
We all were impressed with the excellent quality of the crystal angels and mirrors. I am especially pleased and really appreciate that you made what could have been a routine order into something extra special for folks you never dealt with before.
Your personal attention exemplifies what "Customer Care" is all about and why your company can expect additional orders in the future.

Thank you.
Potomac Falls, VA

Mr. Smodic,
I just received the box. That's a pretty big box with lots of bubble wrap for 2 small angels. Thank you for taking the time to make sure they would be VERY well protected on their long shipping journey to Hawaii.
Both crystal angel pieces are beautiful! Thank again. I have one angel hanging from my car rear view mirror. It's so beautiful when the sun hits it. The other I gave away as a gift. She loves it too.


Dear Frank,
I have received the package today.
Thank you for all of your help, I regard doing business with you highly.
I hope you have a beautiful rest of the weekend.

Baltimore, MD

I got the small heart pendant today. I tried it on. It is beautiful. I am very happy and very happy with your store and service. I also appreciated you tried to help by offering what you did have in stock in case that worked out rather than make me wait. Everything has worked out and I am wearing this small pendant on my wedding day.

Thank you very, very much!
Wellesley, MA

Excellent service and the beautiful crystal figurines are safely here.

Thanks so much,
Greenwich, CT

Just wanted to say thank you. The order arrived on Monday, in plenty of time for my anniversary. Upgrading me to priority shipping with no additional charge was awesome, definately some of the best customer service I've seen in a long time. I'll definately check you guys out for future purchases!

Charlette, NC

I repacked the crystal bird that was originally sent to me in the same box and with the same materials as you requested. I believe my wife will be just as pleased with the hummingbird you have arranged to send in its place.
Your assistance in this matter has been nothing short of exemplary. You have earned my sincere appreciation and respect.

Tarawa Terrace, NC

Hi Frank, I spoke with you last week in regards the shipping of my Red Crystal Rose in Vase. The item did in fact arrive that evening and it was beautiful so I just wanted to close the loop and let you know that it did arrive and to say thank you very much. I was very pleased with the product.

Have a good day,

The Champagne Flutes were perfect. I had bought the balloon goblets a few years back from another distributor and was not as impressed with them as I was with yours.
My Daughter loved them. Thank you again.

Oakland, CA

Thank you for noticing the shipping error and making the correction. I appreciate such great customer service. Now that I know about AllThingsCrystal, I'm sure I'll be making additional purchases.
Thank you again for following up on my order.

Best Regards,
Hoover, AL

Thank you for taking the time to call my house. I just missed your call. Yes it would be great to ship regular ground and save the $15.00. I guess I missed the other choice on the page. Thank you again for the great service.

Lake Charles, LA

Thank you so much. I received the jewelry and it's just beautiful. In fact, I just ordered another pendant as a Christmas gift!

Liverpool, NY

Thank you Frank! I just placed my order. You guys are on the ball!

Tulare, CA

She called me to thank me. I was so pleased and surprised it got there so quickly especially this time of year.

Great job!
Marathon, FL

Thanks for your rapid response regarding my order. We buy my mother-in-law miniature crystal items every year for Christmas. This is our first time at your web site. I liked it much better than where we were previously shopping.

Thanks so much,
Wenatchee, WA

I received the package today containing the other angel. Thank you so much for shipping it. I know my wife will like it too.

Thanks again,
Loganville, GA

AWESOME….I just received my wine glasses and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!
I am using them tonight for a dinner party I am hosting…I am serving eight…so I will be using another one tonight, but they look beautiful on my table…thanks Frank…

Havre De Grace, MD

I just wanted to let you know that I received the additional three crystal miniature teapots today. Thank you for expediting these to me.

Watsonville, CA

Dear Sir:

I received your voice mail and I want to thank you for your considerate and prompt action regarding my order. Truly, it is nice to know customer service is still alive and well! I received the mouse's beautiful and moreover, my Mom loves it!
Again, I thank you.

Warm Regards,
Ocoee, FL

Hi Frank - Thank you so much for your prompt response. I am really looking forward to receiving the second package.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Green Bay, WI

Hi Frank! The bear came this AM. What a beautiful repair job! The mirror wasn't on the bottom when I sent it up to you or when I bought it years ago but it does look nice so I'm glad it was added.
Again - Thanks Frank.


Hello Frank, I received the crystal bell and it is really beautiful! I am thinking about ordering the Champagne Bell as well.

Thank you,
Port Richey, FL

I received the first three crystals yesterday and they are beautiful. Thank you too for your excellent customer service. I purchased these crystals as a birthday gift for my 6 yr. old granddaughter who would like to start a crystal collection, so I look forward to purchasing many more crystal items from you. Thanks again!

Holyoke, CO

Dear Frank,
I received my package of wine glasses yesterday. I am very impressed with your customer service and prompt shipping of my order. I was worried it may not get here before a wedding, but I have several days to spare. I was very pleased at the packaging of my fragile order, tool And the glasses are simply beautiful!

Thank you very much for a wonderful online shopping experience and if there is any website that your store has reviews posted on it, I would be more than happy to contribute. Just point the way.

Shepherdsville, KY

Thank you so much for getting this order out quickly. I am sure my parents will love the glasses.

Plymouth, IN

I just received a phone call from All Things Crystal about an order I placed this morning. To my surprise it was the owner, Frank Smodic (working on a Saturday no less) calling to save me money! It seems that Frank took the time to review my order and intuitively wondered if I had chosen to pay extra for overnight delivery in order to receive my goods in time for Christmas. Frank then concluded that there was no need to pay extra for overnight shipping as there was still sufficient time with regular shipping.

I can't remember the last time anyone in the retail or service business (much less on on-line vendor) went out of their way to save me money!

Frank has renewed my Christmas spirit! THANKS!!!!!

A First Time Customer

This is to thank you for Frank Smodic -- He took the time on a Sunday to call me. His concern was whether or not I really needed to spend the extra amount of $24.95 for express air shipping. I need the item I ordered by Friday, the 19th - the reason I added the express delivery cost. Frank assured me the item would arrive by Friday, and there was no need to spend the extra money. How thoughtful! He is to be commended, and I hope you will pass this along to him.
There are not many companies today, who care this much about their customers -- I am glad I found you - and Frank.

Thank you,
Loudonville, NY

I just wanted to say thank you for being so accommodating during the Holiday Season. Your staff worked diligently to meet my needs in a timely and very friendly manner. Your hard work and sacrifice contributed to this being an excellent Christmas for my family. Your customer service is incredible and the product was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for coming through for me.

Orangevale, CA

THANK YOU... you are truly a trooper. When I could not locate these Wine Glasses with the Red Stain Tear... your Company... came to my rescue. When the Internet showed they were out of stock.

I called to inquire when your Company was expecting another shipment to be placed on your waiting list. You took my information with good conversation, ease and concern. You took time also to search your inventory to make sure your Company was out of stock first. To my surprise, you informed me that your Company did infact have a few of these Wine Glasses available in the color and size that I needed. Estastic... truly I was... my search was FINALLY over.

Then you called me a few days later and left a message regarding that the Glasses were not in stock. My heart sank. I had to go out of town and during that time I could not informed the other party regarding the Glasses (would not be available). After already informing them that they were ordered. (Smile).

Upon my arrival back in town that day. You called and informed me that "YES" your Company did locate the inventory with my specifics and to expect delivery the next day.

FRANK, FRANK....this is truly wonderful.. to find a Company this season for what the economy is going through that really cares about it's customers. You have truly went beyond the call of duty. If all the employees at ALL THINGS CRYSTAL are as genuine and true as you, then I know that inspite of what the economy looks like, I see abundance for this company. People need to know that there are still genuine customer service and Company(s) out there that know how to really treat and appreciate customers.

Customers such as myself appreciates Companies with EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE such as yourself with respect. ALL THINGS CRYSTAL... is truly a precious Company as it's name sake. I look forward to doing more business with your Company and my new friend "Frank" in the future. I will be spreading the Word (with clients and friends) to do business with ALL THINGS CRYSTAL.

Once again, thank you Frank, you represent this Company well.

With much appreciation,
B. Chapman, Esq., Ph.D

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