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How To Clean and Care for Crystal
From your fine crystal stemware to your precious jewels and collectible figurines, they all need to be cared for in their own special way and require a delicate touch.   More on cleaning and caring for crystal

Why Choose Crystal as a Gift
Need a gift for that one person who seems to “have everything”? We all do, Right?   Read why a crystal gift makes a great choice

What is Lead Crystal
Lead crystal, (also called crystal), is lead glass that has been hand or machine cut with facets. Lead oxide added to the molten glass gives lead crystal a much higher index of refraction than normal glass, and consequently much greater "sparkle".   More on Lead Crystal

What is Lead Glass
Lead glass is potassium silicate glass which has been impregnated with lead oxide (from 12% to 28% by weight) in its fabrication...  More about Lead Glass

Is Lead Crystal Safe for Food and Beverage
In a study performed at North Carolina State University, the amount of lead migration was measured for port wine stored in lead crystal decanters.  More on lead crystal and food safety

Ravenscroft Crystal
Find out what makes this company the leader in handmade lead-free Crystal Decanters, Stemware and Crystal Wine Glasses for fine wine and spirits.  More on Ravenscroft Crystal

Crystals - Bringing you Balance and Harmony
Crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and Balance, Harmony and Healing according to researchers.  More on the balance and harmony with crystal

A Crystal Gift is a Special Gift
Whether it be a heart warming Crystal Figurine, an Elegant piece of Crystal Jewelry or a set of Crystal Wine Glasses. A Gift of Crystal is ideal for almost any occasion.  More on Special Crystal Gifts

What the Meaning to the Color of a Rose and its History
For over 100 years the rose has been a symbol of love. There are over 100 species of wild roses now being grown in many different colors. This article gives the meaning to what many of those colors stand for plus interesting information of how the rose was view over history..  More on Roses and their History

Using Crystal Figurines as Cake Toppers
Using Crystal Figurines as Cake Toppers gives an elegant accent to any Cake. Here are some creative examples of using crystal figurines to accent the top of cakes.  More on Cake Toppers and Crystal Figurines

Are Bird Watchers Crystal Bird Figurine Collectors
Crystal Bird Figurine collectors and Bird watchers are one in the same as their love of birds fill their life.  More on Bird Lovers

Creating a look with Crystal Jewelry
Elegant Crystal Jewelry and creative ideas on ways to wear it. Creating a look with Crystal Jewelry can be daring, dramatic or down right breathtaking!  More on Creative Crystal Jewelry Ideas

Crystal Glassware and Creating the Perfect Presentation
Choosing the appropriate Crystal Wine Glass is just as important as choosing the wine. Make your choice in Crystal Glassware for the proper presentation.  More on the presentation of glassware

Romanian Crystal Glassware
The company story and how they make lead free hand-blown, hand painted wine glasses, decanters and other crystal glassware. Features the popular Milano wine glasses with the stain glass look.   More on Glassware from Romania

Who is Preciosa Crystal
Bohemian Crystal from the Czech Republic - Preciosa Crystal is a world leading producer of cut bohemia crystal, specializing mainly in the production of machine cut chatons, beads, stones and other fashion jewelry components of top quality and in a broad variety of shapes, colors and sizes.   Learn more about Preciosa highest quality Czech Crystal

Preciosa Company History
Preciosa, makers of the highest quality Bohemia Crystal transcending time and generations with the magical sparkle of crystal.  Learn more about Preciosa Company History

Why Choose Preciosa Crystal
Here is 18 reasons why many people have already found that Preciosa crystal is the ideal choose when buying quality high end crystal.  More on Preciosa, your Crystal of choice.

Learn About Rolf Glass
Learn about Rolf Glass, unique designs etched glassware made in the U.S.A.  Read more

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