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Romanian Crystal Glassware


All Things Crystal has been carrying the Romanian Glassware product of hand painted wine glasses since 2007. All of their products are imported from Romania. It is there that each piece that they offer is created entirely by hand by artisans that have been specializing in the glass blowing and making process for years. In addition to the meticulous process used in the creation, all of our glassware is made from 100% lead free crystal. This not only ensures the highest clarity and purity, but also the highest quality glassware as well.

Each piece in every collection of mouth-blown and hand-decorated lead free crystal is produced individually. Not only is the creative process time consuming, it is also demanding. Each wine glass or decanter is a piece of art created by a worker best described as an artisan.

Glass blowing is the art of creating a wine glass, vase or decanter etc. from molten glass by which air is blown into the molten glass utilizing a long tube. The glass actually takes days to melt in an oven that is never turned off. At first the artisan collects the molten glass onto the tip of his long tube being careful to accumulate just the right amount for the piece he is working on to be blown. Depending on the design of the glass, two or three artisans may have to quickly work together on the same piece before the glass cools as in this creation of the Tears and Cheers White Wine Glass which features a reddish orange bubble form inside the stem of this clear crystal glass.

Each glassware is then blown to the proper thickness and into the proper shape by mouth. Once the shape and thickness of the piece have been achieved, the glass is allowed to cool. If a particular design requires etching like the Bacchus Glassware Collection with hand painted grapes, then the piece is sent onto the etching stations where artisans use an etching wheel to cut the pattern into the glass.

Once etching is complete the glass is polished and sent to the painting stations. Here artists paint the glass by hand using natural luster and real 24k gold. Once the glassware is complete the piece reaches the final stage where it is fired one more time to ensure long-lasting strength, durability and color.

We also offer the option to custom design your own glassware. If there is a design or modification of a current design that you would like to see on glass, they can work with you and their factories in Romania to create something that is truly unique to your company and that will not be sold anywhere else. Contact if you would like a quote on custom designed glassware. 

Currently features 12 collections of this fine Romanian Crystal Glassware including the very popular Milano Glassware Collection which features a swirl design cobalt blue line patterned that gives the wine glass or decanter a unique stain glass look. Click the link below to visit our complete collection of Crystal Wine Glasses and Decanters imported from Romania.

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