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The Master of Crystal

Preciosas’ company history roots date back to 1376, when the first glass-making oven was lit in Vysoké nad Jizerou. In 1548, the first glassworks, an amalgamation of the region’s finest glass craftsmen, was founded in Mšeno nad Nisou, now a suburb of Jablonec

Glass cutting continued to be refined and by 1724 a plant was established near Kamenický Šenov specialising just in the production and export of chandeliers. The first written records of Czech chandelier exports date back to 1725 when Czech chandeliers were commissioned to grace the palaces of Louis XV in Versailles and Fontainebleau. Word of the chandelier’s beauty and elegance spread quickly and soon royal courts from Turkish Sultan Osman III to the Russian Tsarina Elizabeth were filled with Bohemian Crystal.

1760 saw the first foreign merchants visiting Jablonec and the Jizera mountains and interest expanded from palatial décor to jewellery adornment. Over the next 90 years the local glass and crystal jewellery products too made their mark on the international market.


Glass cutting in the Jablonec region developed further at the turn of the 19th century with water-powered machines gradually giving way to manual cutting. This was, however, still very physically demanding work and was later superseded by even more accurate electric cutters. The industry boomed and a number of smaller firms sprang up all specialising in cut glass stones, pearls, chandeliers and lighting to keep up with demand.

WWI, however, forced a break in the development of crystal cutting technology and many small manufacturers turned their efforts to wartime production. The seven remaining post-war firms merged to form the Preciosa group of today.

All of our figurines and gifts

  • Are designed in-house by Preciosas team of skilled crystal artisans;
  • Are crafted using cutting-edge computer technology;
  • Are made of the highest quality Czech crystal;
  • Have a high brilliance, achieved by the perfect cut and polishing of all facets on unique machines developed by Preciosa. Some smaller parts are created by hand;
  • Use a special transparent adhesive to assemble the individual parts making joints seamless and allowing light through;
  • Are guaranteed up to a temperature of 60°C – the strength of the seams and joints being the limiting factor;
  • Which contain metallic parts are galvanized alloy metals plated with gold, rhodium, or nickel;
  • Have a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the product’s quality; and
  • Have our logo mark placed on the figurine as an additional guarantee that the figurine was made by Preciosa.

Our desire to adorn and decorate is as old as humanity itself. To be unique, distinct, elegant, and attract attention has no political boundaries, no cultural barriers, and is not gender-specific. It transcends time and generations, and speaks a language that is universally understood throughout the world.

PRECIOSA plays to this tune, adding in quality and original design to what we know best – creating a symphony with the magical sparkle of crystal. The result is stylish, naturally elegant, and also transcends time and generations.

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