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Attention to California Residents



Handling fashion jewelry stones made of leaded
crystal will expose you to the chemicals known to
the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects
or other reproductive harm.


Preciosa has chosen to provide a warning simply based on its knowledge about the presence of a listed chemical, without attempting to evaluate the exposure in compliance with the conditions imposed by the State of California in Proposition 65. In these cases, exposure could be below the Proposition level of concern, or could even be zero. This statement is based on the text that can be found at: "Proposition 65 News - Made Simple" paragraph "What Does a Warning Mean?".

PRECIOSA Declaration of Possible Effects of Lead in Glass on Human Health

Crystals and crystal glasses containing lead have a very special composition and
structure profoundly different from the other objects containing lead. Lead is firmly
fixed in a silicate matrix in these crystal glasses and the matrix immobilizes
lead atoms effectively so their release with a standard handling is practically
insignificant. The chemical composition of PRECIOSA crystal and the
technology of its production were developed on the latest scientific knowledge
basis to fix perfectly all the glass components – mainly lead – in the basic

All PRECIOSA glass melts are made in the way that quantities of components
released from them are substantially under the maximum allowable limits stated in
the actual strict EU standards for harmful substances release.

PRECIOSA holds the EN 71 Certificate confirming that glass jewellery semiproducts
produced by our firm meet the EN 71-3 EU Standard Toy Safety.

To have negative impact on human lead has to be in a “sufficiently” mobile form. In
particular, a real danger represents soluble compounds or objects releasing or
infusing lead spontaneously.
The methodology that simulates solution of dangerous substances in a human
stomach (e.g. when swallowed or licked by children) is used to test products in
accordance with the standard (norm). The levels of lying (migrating) elements are
thought to be biologically accessible for the human body metabolism and are
compared with the toxicological and hygienic standards required for a child organism.
In case that the tested products meet the requirements of the standard (norm) they
can be filed into the toy category including the toys determined for a contact with
foodstuffs and/or cosmetic toys. It is widely known that toxicological characteristics of
lead are for a human and/or human living environment highly dangerous.
Nevertheless, lead causes problems not as a piece of metal or as a solid substance.

Chatons in 39 colours were chosen to represent the complete PRECIOSA
assortment. The test confirmed that manipulation (handling) with the jewellery and/or
other products made of glass jewellery stones is not – as regards the hygienic
requirements – dangerous for a user and that the products are not harmful for health
– nor for a child under 6 years (it is with the possibility of a product swallow up).

Cases of Health Complications caused by jewellery glass stones contact with skin
are not known at the time.
Loose PRECIOSA stones can be dangerous when used by children, in case of
swallow-up or breath-in.

Danger of Jewellery stones is represented by their geometrical and mechanical
features (size, dissolubility) that can cause similar problems like any other natural
stone, sand or any other inorganic solid substance.

Do not let children handle or work with loose stones without an adult supervision. In
case that it is not possible to guarantee such supervision, PRECIOSA recommends
prevent children from stones. In case of breath-in contact a doctor.

In NO case there is any danger of chemicals and/or other substances release in
quantities harmful for a human organism when handling and/or swallowing of
PRECIOSA crystal stones.

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