Crystal Fish, Dolphins and Oysters

This page is devoted entirely to our friends that live in and around the world of water. You will find crystal dolphin figurines from the sea and crystal oysters with pearls from the ocean. You will also find many frog and turtle figurines that live in our fresh water lakes and ponds along with crystal boats and lighthouses. Our Crystal Aquatic Figurines are made from the finest Czech Crystal by Preciosa, created from Swarovski Crystal components by a company in Pennsylvania or from the much renowned 24% Turkish lead crystal. Whatever you're searching for we are sure you will be pleased with our selection below. And remember, we offer free shipping with a 100% money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.
Preciosa Crystal Turtle on Sand Figurine
$280.00 $251.87
Preciosa Crystal Swordfish Figurine
List Price: $150.00
ATC Price: $125.00
Clearance Price: $97.87
Preciosa Crystal Frogs in Concert Figurine
$123.00 $110.70
Preciosa Crystal Stingray Figurine
List Price: $145.00
ATC Price: $120.00
Clearance Price: $94.97
Preciosa Crystal Fish Couple on Wave
$109.00 $97.97
Preciosa Crystal Turtle Family Figurine
$109.00 $97.97
Preciosa Crystal Tuna Figurine
List Price: $80.00
ATC Price: $70.00
Clearance Price: $59.87
Preciosa Crystal Oyster with Pearl and Yellow Finned Fish
$70.00 $62.87
Preciosa Crystal Grouper Figurine
$55.00 $44.87
Preciosa Crystal Froggy Pendant
$55.00 $47.87
Preciosa Crystal Sweet Twosome Turtles in Love Figurine
$38.00 $34.20
Preciosa Miniature Black Crystal Turtle on Shell Figurine
$35.00 $29.87
Preciosa Crystal Penguin Goalkeeper Figurine
$35.00 $29.87
Preciosa Miniature Crystal Frog Figurine
$30.00 $24.95
Preciosa Miniature Crystal Turtle on Shell Figurine
Best Seller
$30.00 $24.95
Crystal Dolphin Family Playing with Crystal Ball
$30.00 $24.87
Crystal Turtle Figurine
$25.00 $19.97
Crystal Oyster Figurine 1.25 inches
$20.00 $16.87
Crystal Lighthouse Figurine 2.25 inches
List Price: $25.00
ATC Price: $20.00
Clearance Price: $16.25
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