Crystal Birds, Swans and Butterflies

From the grace of a Swan to the pride of a Peacock, you are sure to find just the type of Crystal Bird Figurine you're looking for.

Below are featured categories specific to Crystal Bird Figurines or any animal with wings

Below are other Crystal Bird not specific to any category above
Preciosa Crystal Bald Eagle Figurine - 2006 Designer Series
$620.00 $557.87
Preciosa Majestic Crystal Eagle Figurine - 2006 Designer Series
$620.00 $557.87
Preciosa Crystal Owl Figurine - 2004 Designer Series
$415.00 $373.50
Preciosa Crystal Blue Jay Figurine, 2011 Limited Edition
$370.00 $332.87
Preciosa Crystal Hummingbird Figurine with Flower
$258.00 $232.87
Preciosa Crystal Ladybug  Figurine
List Price: $290.00
ATC Price: $245.00
Clearance: $224.47
Preciosa Crystal Mother Bird Feeding Her Babies Figurine
$240.00 $215.87
Preciosa Crystal Penguin Family Figurine, 2012 Limited Edition
$220.00 $197.87
Preciosa Crystal Doves in Love Figurine
$185.00 $166.50
Preciosa Crystal Love Birds Figurine
List Price: $95.00
ATC Price: $175.00
Clearance: $149.87
Preciosa Crystal Owl Figurine wearing Graduation Hat
$123.00 $110.70
Preciosa Crystal Owl on Branch Figurine
$78.00 $69.97
Preciosa Crystal Kingfisher on Wave
$74.00 $66.60
Preciosa Crystal Bear and Toy Duck Figurine
$70.00 $62.87
Preciosa Crystal Blue Bird Figurine with Magnet
$60.00 $53.87
Preciosa Crystal Yellow Bird Figurine with Magnet
$60.00 $53.87
Crystal Tropical Bird Figurine
$60.00 $49.87
Crystal Owl with Amber Wings and Claws
$69.95 $59.87
Preciosa Crystal Duck Calimero Figurine
$58.00 $49.50
Preciosa Crystal Wild Duck Figurine
$50.00 $43.20
Crystal Owl Head Giant 3 inches
$50.00 $37.87
Preciosa Crystal Penguin Goalkeeper Figurine
$35.00 $29.87
Preciosa Crystal Penguin Hockey Player Figurine
$35.00 $29.87
Crystal Owl Head 1.75 inches
$25.00 $19.87
Blue Bird Couple on Crystal Birdbath
$22.87 $16.87
Blue Bird Couple on a Crystal Heart
$22.00 $16.47
Crystal Duck Figurine 1.6 inches
$22.00 $18.87
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